Mini cooper has grown to become one of my favorite car companies. Their vehicles are fast, strong, safe, and cool! However, many people don’t know these facts about mini, they simply think it’s a small toy car! Mini has much more to offer than being small and toy like, and this advertisement perfectly illustrates that. The writing in the ad states “Anything But Soft” in big white bold letters which captures the viewers eyes immediately, and which we can clearly see in the image since this tiny red car is damaging the city streets! The street damages made by the car are two vertical lines that start off wide and then gradually get much smaller. Vertical lines are associated with stability, which illustrates to the viewer that the vehicle is strong, safe, and stable. The lines in this image give the sense of the hard city life and the movement and strength of the car in such an environment. The Mini cooper in the photo is far, small, and is in sort of the shape of a cube. The image displays symmetry with both halves of the image are cars, buildings, and the two vertical street damages. They are not complete mere images of one other, because that would be unrealistic, but the same objects. The first thing that caught my eye was the writing and then that little bright red cube of a car in the center of the image. Choosing red for the car was essential in the sense that it has very high visibility and the viewer’s eye is immediately attracted to it, and then understands what the ad is trying to tell them. Red is a cool chromic color and also very emotionally intense. Red symbolizes strength and power; by choosing that specific color for the car it displays the qualities of the car itself. I feel red is a very energetic color as well and that focuses it to the car. The rest of the image contains very dark colors, a lot of shades of grey, which is crucial in making the car the focus of the image. I really like this advertisement it changes the perception people have about the mini cooper being a toy car. BMW bought Mini Cooper and is changing the dynamics of the car but still keeping it fun and true to its image. It shows the strength and the power of the vehicle, obviously the car is not going to damage the streets but the creativity behind it I enjoyed. The only thing that I would change about this image is the orange construction on the right of the image; I would want to contain that dark gloomy set of the city. I wouldn’t want any other bright color in the image other than the car itself.


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