Super Hero




Anacostia is the protector of the surroundings of the Anacostia River. She is the heroine of the water, earth, and air.

Anacostia was raised beneath the Anacostia River with her family and their fellow River Dwellers. However, when humans began polluting the home of the River Dwellers, Anacostia’s family was forced to return to the deep sediments of the bottom of the river. However, Anacostia loved the river so much that she chose not to go into hibernation. Instead, she made it her personal mission to the restore the Anacostia River back to a clean and healthy body of water, and bring the River Dwellers back out of hiding.

Regarding the river itself, Anacostia’s mission to remove all of the trash that has fragmented the River Dwellers’ environment. She removes all of the trash from the river, tire by tire, so that the ecology can have a chance thrive. With her purifying powers, she attempts to restore the cleanliness of the water.

Anacostia, a region of Washington D.C. She does everything in her power, literally, to preserve the river. One prime way in which she does this is through the magic dust she spreads around the region. Whenever any part of the river comes in contact with AnacostiaWoman’s dust, it suddenly becomes chemical free and even becomes blue again, a type of blue water that would otherwise only be seen in the tropics. She also takes care of the terrible pollution in the region, such as soda cans, water bottles, candy wrappers, and more. This is done by the magnetic chemical she has inside of her that automatically attracts anything that does not belong in nature. It is safe to say that through her fairy dust and her magnetic chemicals floating in her body, Anacostia is exceptionally clean, not to mention a beauty to live in for animals and human beings like ourselves.

Anacostia understands that the river must live in harmony with the earth around it, so Anacostia knows that she must protect the landscape. She uses her powers to remove the trash from this area and take care of all of the trees that grow there. She makes the surrounding area a safe dwelling place for all of her animals friends, and a safe haven for animals who are being reintroduced to the environment.

By planting trees and making the earth greener, Anacostia is also protecting the air that the River Dwellers breathe. The trees, which help with absorption of carbon dioxide, will make the Anacostia air safe enough for generations of River Dwellers to come.

If humans can work in harmony with the powerful Anacostia and her River Dwellers, they will both be able to enjoy the beauty that the Anacostia River has to offer.




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